Spray polyurethane foam


HEATLOK SOYA spray polyurethane foam was developed by Demilec, a Quebec company based in Boisbriand, which now owns a second, state-of-the-art production facility located in Arlington, Texas. Well-known leader in the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of high quality spray polyurethane foam insulation, Demilec is the first Canadian manufacturer to meet the requirements of the Montreal Protocol. This agreement aims for the reduction - and eventual elimination - of ozone depleting substances. HEATLOK SOYA is made of 40 % recycled plastic bottles, renewable vegetable oils and water.


In Canada, Quebec is the leader with regard to spray polyurethane foam use. This product is very appealing to consumers because it is certified mould resistant, so insurance companies do not hesitate to provide coverage to buildings thus insulated.


This single product can replace traditional insulation, as well as air and vapour barrier materials. HEATLOK SOYA not only complies with both the National Building Code of Canada (NBC) and the Quebec Construction code, but also exceeds the standard regulating medium density, spray-applied rigid polyurethane foam. HEATLOK SOYA can be used in residential, commercial, industrial or institutional constructions, and constitutes an excellent complement to any other type of insulation.




This insulating material requires professional installation. Isolation Ippersiel's technicians are properly trained to provide you with the comfort you want. Our know-how and specialized equipment guarantee you a job well-done, standard compliant, for an optimal performance.



Spray polyurethane foam can be used locally to seal walls at the roof's junction, or to insulate interior foundation walls or attics. It can also be applied to cover a building completely, inside and out, thus creating a perfectly hermetic shell.



Speed of execution is another important advantage of spray polyurethane foam: in an hour, a professional covers an average of 600 square feet with 1 inch of foam, producing no waste but the masking polyethylene films. HEATLOK SOYA neither releases nor absorbs odours and resists most oils, solvents and chemicals. It adheres perfectly to any type of surface, whether the texture is smooth or irregular.





HEATLOK SOYA insulation will ensure your peace of mind thanks to the durability and comfort it will deliver. Your building's energy efficiency will be greatly improved and will earn you substantial savings in the case of a new construction.


Here are some of the reasons why AIRÉTIC SOYA is such an excellent choice:

  • It prevents air leakage or infiltration - since the product is sprayed on, its seal leaves no opening;
  • It is moisture and mould resistant;
  • It has the highest R value of all insulating materials - R-6/inch;
  • It is stable : it will remain in place without settling, shrinking or crumbling;
  • It adheres to any surface, thus eliminating air pockets that may be left behind by other types of insulants;
  • It is versatile and quick to apply;
  • It has no negative impact on the ozone layer.

For more information about HEATLOK SOYA spray polyurethane foam, visit www.airmetic-soya.com.