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Fibergalss wool mats


When it comes to insulation and soundproofing, the choice of materials is crucial. That is why Isolation Ippersiel chooses its suppliers carefully and works to establish long term partnerships with each of them. This ensures that we are always on the cutting-edge of the latest industry innovations and are able to offer our clients the best possible products at the best possible prices.


Isolation Ippersiel has chosen to work with products from Johns Manville, celebrating over 150 years in existence, and Owens Corning, well-known in insulation since 1938.





Fiberglass wool mats are the most commonly used insulation material in Quebec constructions. There are two types of wool mats:


PINK © fiberglass wool insulation

QUIETZONE © acoustic mat insulation





Fiberglass insulation is used to answer various needs: thermal insulation of exterior walls, attics, flat ceilings or basement walls, or acoustic insulation of interior walls, ceilings or floors. Fiberglass mats are available in several formats to suit construction styles and consumer needs.


Since this material is non-organic in nature, as it is made of silica (sand), it is moisture, mould and fire resistant. Fiberglass mats, if properly installed, will neither lose efficiency nor need replacing over time.


Fiberglass offers insulation levels equal to those of rock fiber, but with half the density. The glass fibers are so fine that the thousands of tiny air pockets they create strengthen the resistance of the insulant to heat transfer.


Owing to its versatility and quick installation, this option is one of the most cost-effective choices on the market. It meets Canadian Building Code standards, reduces air infiltration and helps lower heating and cooling costs.




We strongly recommend that you call on experts to install any type of insulation. Isolation Ippersiel's professionals have all the expertise and skills required to carry out proper installation of the products we offer. If you choose to do business with us, we guarantee optimal performance and enhanced comfort.



For the thermal insulation of your building, fiberglass mats must be installed with a vapour barrier on the "winter-warm" side and must absolutely never be compacted; this will ensure their optimal efficiency. Mats are held in place by the friction created between the wool and the supporting studs.




Nowadays, everyone is on the lookout for the best price-quality ratio. Make sure you and your family enjoy exceptional comfort and safety - no parasite or mould will resist the fiberglass, for a healthy and safe environment for every member of your family.



Here are the main advantages of insulating your residence with PINK © fiberglass insulation:

  • Safe: fireproof;
  • Affordable: the most cost-effective insulant on the market;
  • Durable: will not require replacing;
  • Thermal performance: heat transfer resistant, which reduces energy consumption;
  • Moisture and mould resistant.







The Quietzone © soundproofing mat is made in Quebec and contains at least 35 % of recycled materials - more than any rival brand. It is recognized as an environmentally friendly choice and proudly bears the ECOLOGO label.


Whatever your motive for soundproofing your building or specific room may be, know that the Quietzone © mat will be of great help. This type of insulation can be installed in walls, as well as in floors and ceilings.


Even though no perfect acoustic environment yet exists, several methods prove effective to reduce the transmission of sound and vibrations substantially; they include the Quietzone © soundproofing mat, whose STC (sound transmission class) exceeds Canadian Building Code recommended standards.





When you decide to soundproof a room, it is important to know that sound is transmitted through air and vibrations. The slightest flaw could effectively ruin the end result. That is why Isolation Ippersiel's installers are ideally suited to carry out this task requiring great attention to detail.



While it is best to perform this kind of work on a new construction, before wall coverings and floors are installed, it is possible to soundproof the walls, ceilings and floors of existing structures using other products and methods.





Whether you have chosen the Quietzone © soundproofing mat to silence your neighbour's round the clock noise, or to protect your entourage from your own noisy activities, you will not be disappointed, as it is:

  • Resistant to high humidity, water-repellent, and vapour permeable;
  • Non-combustible;
  • Environmentally friendly and ECOLOGO certified;
  • Mould resistant;
  • Unalterable over time;
  • Vermin resistant;
  • Made in Quebec.


For more information about the various types of fiberglass wool mats, visit www.owenscorning.ca.