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Fireproofing in a nutshell


Fireproofing consists in protecting flammable materials by applying a product whose components possess characteristics apt to reduce, delay or control combustion. The objective is simply to preserve some combustible materials from fire or extreme heat, so that they may retain their physical properties during a fire and allow a building’s occupants to evacuate the premises more safely.


A multitude of fire retardants comply with National Building Code standards and insurance companies requirements. Among this great variety of products, we have chosen to work with the CAFCO 300 flame-retardant produced by ISOLATEK INTERNATIONAL. In business since 1875, with more than 50 years fireproofing experience, ISOLATEK INTERNATIONAL has become a world leader in its category and will stop at nothing less than your entire satisfaction.


CAFCO 300 fire retardant underwent many laboratory tests and was proven to offer up to 4-hour fire and extreme heat protection to ceilings, floors and frames. Since it is a liquid to be sprayed, CAFCO 300 was even shown to reduce heat loss and air infiltration.


Some building materials are flame-retardant by nature of their composition, so it is not necessary to treat every material during construction.


But here is why fireproofing is so important: the steel structures upon which some buildings are built must be fireproofed, because the intense heat of a fire may weaken them severely and result in the buildings’ collapse.

To ensure that your safety is not taken lightly, consult with our experts. They are in a position to offer you unparalleled advice and service to suit your needs and budget.




It is especially important to leave nothing to chance with regard to fireproofing. Several standards must be met and that is why Isolation Ippersiel’s fireproofing experts have received specialized training and are licensed by ISOLATEK INTERNATIONAL. CAFCO 300 flame-retardant must be sprayed on with pneumatic equipment according to prescribed methods. The quantity of water to be added to the product, the temperature of the surfaces to be treated, and the size of the hose are but a few of the factors to consider during installation.