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Company Profile


Since 1971, Isolation Ippersiel has established a solid reputation on the Quebec market for thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as decontamination of residential, commercial and industrial constructions. Serving individuals and contractors, the company offers a great variety of services including spray polyurethane foam application, blown-in cellulose and fiberglass wool installation, and fiberglass wool mats installation. When it comes to insulation, soundproofing or fireproofing, Isolation Ippersiel provides its clientele with a full range of solutions as efficient as they are affordable.


With our fleet of 30 trucks, 7 of which are exclusively dedicated to spray polyurethane foam installation, we are in a position to respond quickly and efficiently to all our clients' needs in the Greater Montreal, Laurentian, South Shore and Outaouais regions.


Energy costs are reaching never before seen heights and do not seem likely to come down any time soon. That is why we must, now more than ever, endeavour to preserve our stock resources, change our consumption habits, and especially do our best to protect our homes from costly heat loss, which affects both our quality of life and our wallet.


Isolation Ippersiel's consulting service can evaluate your construction's energy performance and suggest modifications that are necessary to maximize its efficiency. In the case of a new construction, we can contribute as soon as you start designing your plans by analysing your needs - we can even help you during construction itself.

Aware of environmental issues and committed to doing everything in our power, Isolation Ippersiel's executive and staff make sure they provide their clients with only the best products and methods in the industry. That is why the company is proud to offer its clients environmentally friendly solutions, to wit several ecological products made of recycled and natural materials.


Moreover, the company's decontamination division specializes in the extraction and destruction of materials hazardous to the environment and to our health.


Isolation Ippersiel holds a building contractor's license issued by the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ 8108-1150-23) and is a member of the APCHQ.



Isolation Ippersiel. A thoughtful choice for quality without compromise.