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Building decontamination requires excellent knowledge of the various decontaminants, as well as of their stipulated extraction methods and destruction, burial or encapsulation procedures.


Isolation Ippersiel is awarded many contracts in this sector. Individuals, contractors, and engineering and architectural firms call on our expertise for efficient, quick and safe decontamination.


Our decontamination service is mostly involved in the removal or encapsulation of asbestos products.


Between the 1930's and the early 1980's, numerous homes, as well as commercial and institutional buildings, were built with asbestos-based products, as this mineral substance offered excellent fire protection. Serious health problems then started cropping up and were quickly linked to the inhalation of asbestos fibers released into the air as a result of faulty renovation or maintenance work.


This unfortunate discovery forced governments to establish rigorous monitoring and safety standards with regard to building decontamination. The members of Isolation Ippersiel's team are certified for this type of work and their methods meet and exceed government standards in every respect.



During an asbestos decontamination procedure, our team of experts starts by setting up three negative pressure decontamination chambers. These chambers are used to avoid the dispersal of airborne fibers into other parts of the building. Clad in protective uniforms and filter masks, our decontamination experts meticulously carry out the work stipulated.


Blown-in contaminated insulants are vacuumed into specially equipped tanks designed to collect hazardous materials with no particle loss into the surrounding air.


As for asbestos panels and roughcast, they are removed with care according to procedures prescribed by law.

Are you the owner of a building built before 1980 and unsure about the content of some of the insulation, soundproofing, decorating, or exterior siding materials used at that time?


Contact one of our experts without delay; we will be happy to assist you.



They can also be encapsulated using a trusted procedure that consists in coating the surface with specialised liquids which seal it and make it so hard as to render the previously hazardous product completely harmless.